As human activities are accelerating the climatic change scientist foresee the limits to how much damage a ecology can take.
How far and fast the people are willing to take the environmental impact?
Therefore Toshiba leading innovation team initiates the environmental sustainable solutions with power pack features and promising huge energy savings

Single Split system with advanced invertor technology available in choice of Hi wall , Cassette and Ducted range from 1 Tr to 8 Tr with Heating as well as cooling options ,Digital technology provides superior control and cost efficiency with the DC invertor compressor make them ideal choice for Residences ,showroom and office


  1. ENERGY SAVING -The compressor modulates speed as per the load conditions.
  2. COMFORT-Less temperature fluctuations ,stable and quiet.
  3. HIGH POWER -Fast cooling and heating
  4. NO OZONE DEPLETION-Use of environmental friendly R-410 Refrigerant.
  5. HEALTHY-Toshiba IAQ Technology provides anti bacteria and anti virus filter to for better protection against germs and dust.
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